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What is “Firesleeve”?

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Update time : 2019-07-01 11:45:59
What is “Firesleeve”?

Firesleeve (or – either usage applies) is not a brand. Firesleeve is an industry generic term, typically referring to a glass fiber sleeve coated with red silicone rubber. Firesleeve is commonly used to protect hose and cables assemblies from flame and molten metal splash.

The first firesleeve was developed in the early 1970’s as a means of flame protection for hydraulic hose assemblies on military aircraft. This influence is still visible today, with fire sleeve available in both industrial and aerospace style versions.

Industrial-grade firesleeve, for example, is most often used in steel plant and metallurgical applications – where the thick coating of silicone rubber immediately sheds molten metal splash before any heat transfer can occur.

Prior to selling any sleeving products into any aerospace application, we recommend that our distributors and partners submit a liability waiver as a service to our customers – for them to use without charge or obligation.

It’s not unusual to see FIRESLEEVE employed in the most demanding industrial applications. In fact, most of the sleeve we sell goes to heavy industrial and commercial applications.

For detailed information on our range of firesleeves, visit our FIRE SLEEVE page or call our CUSTOMER DEPARTMENT
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